Painting Challenge 6 Elites!/Result painting Challenge 5

De Result are in! You all worked really hard on your previous challenged and we saw some pretty cool bases/scenery coming along. We compiled them in this article, so read on to see some of the awesome results!


So what is next, you ask? Well, the very last and final challenge is: Elites!

You have till the 4th of June to finish your Elite Challenge. The 5th we will be awarding the prices through a lottery system. We are giving away an infantry box, the special Catachan limited edition model and a 30 euro Paint voucher! if you want to join in on the lottery please send us an email with all the challenges you participated and you will receive and email with your lottery ticket numbers. We will do the ceremony in a little video and post this here and on social media to.

These pictures hereunder are some of the Elites we hope to see done on the 4th.

So get painting and good luck to you all!

2 gedachten over “Painting Challenge 6 Elites!/Result painting Challenge 5

  1. Daniel Swart zegt:

    Sorry, but I am a bit new to this and was wondering when you say the lottery if that is the competition? Also where do we upload the pictures for if we take place in this? Thank you!

    • Daniel de Bruijn zegt:

      Hey Daniel,
      It is something to help people finish an army with the incentive of a lottery. For every unit people painted during the intelligent Lock Down they get Lottery tickets. This is the last one, so you can still paint an elite unit before the 4th of June. Email the picture of the unpainted unit first, then paint it, and sent that picture as well. Email is

      Good luck!

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