Home Delivery Deals!

The Corona Quarantine will be up for at least another month unfortunately and even after this month things will slowly progress towards the old situation. This will mean we wont be able to host events and invite you to our wonderful shops to play some games and hobby together. This is really sad and though but to insure everyone’s health this is one important thing we have to do. But this doesn’t mean we cant play games! A lot of families and friends are playing board and card games or painting their miniatures (as seen in the paint challenge) at home! This makes us really happy and we would like to help people to stay as much inside as possible! This is why we deliver to your home! if you life in The Hague or Rotterdam we are delivering for free! If you life further away don’t worry! We can post it to you in the Netherlands! orders of €25,- euro’s will cost you €4.50 shipping and orders over an €100 we pay the shipping!

To promote home delivery we made some nice deals for game or hobby nights! We include some food and drinks (for free) and gave a small discount on the whole deal!

For example our 2 player deal! Nice two player games with an mix of strategy, puzzling and planning! €45,-

This is our coöp deal! Nice cooperative games you can play with the whole family! €90,-
Or maybe this your deal? Special made for al those escape room fans! can you escape in time? €50,-
We miss the late nights of Keyforge in our shops but we cans till bring it your living room! Get this great deal for €60,-
This Legion Masterdeal! Look at that! Always wanted to take up one of the most awesome miniature games ever made? Check out legion and now you might have all the time to build and paint it!
This deal is made for two players or 1 player with two armies! This deal can also be made for Rebels and Imperials or for other games like Age of Sigmar, Song of ice and fire and Warhammer 40.000. €300,-
Are you considering our monster deal made earlier for legion and you want to paint it? No worries this is an nice example of an hobby deal the get you started. €65,-

This is just an small selection of ideas! Do you want your own deal or do you have something in mind for an nice game night? let us know! We can always make an custom deal for you! Just let us know what you want! Tomorrow we are delivering in Rotterdam again and closer to the weekend we will be doing another trip in Den Haag! Please let us know by phone, Email or PM on Facebook if we can help you!

For now Stay safe, stay healthy and play games!

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