Ikoria Release and Pre-Order/Release

Ikoria the new MtG set

Hey Guys,

Ikoria is Upon us. Ikoria is a new plane in the world of Magic the Gathering (MtG). In this article we will tell you about our offers and the timing of the release of the (paper) set of Ikoria. Some of you might have noticed but the world is a little different than we thought at the start of this year. We have to change our way of work and life. Unfortunately this means we can’t host one of the most populair (and one of my personal favorite) events. The Pre-release! But no worries we are working hard to give you the closest thing possible and bring it to your house!

So what is up with this set and how are we going to release it to you? The pre-release was planned for a couple of weeks ago but has been delayed by Wizards of the Coast. This has been done to give as much chance as possible for countries to host pre-releases. Unfortunately we wont make it in time to host them yet. The Release has been delayed to the 15th of May. The pre-release packs will also be sold on that date instead of an week early as with the normal situation. So all new product will be sold from May 15th.

We want you guys to take as little risk as possible, so we will do an special delivery run on either 15th or 16th of may (dbt) We will be delivering all the goodies to your doorstep in Rotterdam and The Hague! If you live just out of town drop us a message we can probably fit you somewhere in! We only accept pre-payment or payment with card at the door. So no cash during our delivery runs. Please let us know as soon as possible what products you want so you have what you want guaranteed delivered to your home!

But what new products will be coming and what will we be offering!? Good question. Let’s take a look at the products.

These are the pre-release packs. We will be selling these in the release week seperatly or as part of an package deal. The package deals will consist of some packs, some extra (free) prize boosters and some snacks and extra’s. We have the regular deals and the deluxe deals for the full experience! If you want to change something in the deals let us know we can always customize for you.

  • Pre-release pack 30,-
  • 2 Pack Deal 55,- (2 packs, snacks and drinks for 2)
  • 4 Pack Deal 100,- (4 packs, snacks and drinks for 4)
  • 2 Pack Deluxe Deal 80,- (2 pack deal, collector booster and sleeves for an sealed deck)
  • 4 Pack Deluxe Deal 140,- (4 pack deal, collector booster and sleeves for an sealed deck)

Here we have some pictures of how the deals look and what is in them. (keep in mind Theros products are of course replaced with Ikoira products)

The rest of the products will also be for sale. We have boosters boxes, Bundles, Collector boosters, Commander decks and theme boosters. The prices will be summed up below with some pictures of the new product.

  • Boostersbox 95,-
  • Bundle 40,-
  • Collector Booster 25,-
  • Collector Booster box 250,-
  • Commander Deck 40,-
  • 5 Commander Decks 170,-
  • Theme Booster 7,50

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