New Painting Challenge #5

We just finished with Fast and the next challenge is already up! We wanted to do something different and small; just to relax a little. You are all painting so fast :P.

This period we will have another 2 weeks. But it is an open Category: Diorama. This means you can paint an solo character with an awesome base, a board game figure, n piece of terrain, an objective, your vital assets pack from legion maybe even a cool base! You name it! Again you will be rewarded lottery tickets when you finish by the 17th of May 23:59:59. Please let us know what you are painting or building by sending us en PM or an email with your before pictures and send us an picture of your finished product in two weeks!

Somewhere this week there will be an update and and overview article about the whole painting challenge and explanation of the raffle and its prices! So keep an eye on this website!

We have some examples the crew will be painting, added below.

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