Easter Egg Bonanza

Starting this Wednesday the 24th of March you’ll have a chance to find some eggceptional surprises hidden throughout the store. The more you find, the more discount you can enjoy. Each egg that you can find represents a small discount percentage on a purchase of a board game. You can use at most one egg per game. Have fun hunting and have fun shopping!

Wees Loyaal Koop Lokaal

Wees Loyaal – Koop Lokaal

Het is voor ons als lokale ondernemer zijnde een zware periode. Vanwege de huidige coronamaatregelen is onze winkel gesloten. Vanaf heden verkopen we dan ook enkel producten via onze webshop. In samenwerking met Asmodee the Netherlands hebben we een leuke actie opgezet onder de noemer Wees Loyaal – Koop Lokaal. In deze geweldige actie krijgt u bij een bestelling op een geselecteerd aanbod aan spellen een korting van 10% op uw aankoopbedrag. U steunt hiermee enerzijds de lokale ondernemer en anderzijds profiteert u ervan om voor een gereduceerde prijs een leuk spel te kopen. Een bord- of kaartspel is namelijk de ideale manier om jezelf in deze tijden thuis te vermaken samen met familie of geliefden. Met de actiecode “LOKAAL” kunt u gebruik maken van deze aanbieding. De actie loopt tot en met 21 februari 2021.

Bestellen is mogelijk via onze webshop: www.tabletopkingdomshop.nl

Vermeld bij uw bestelling de volgende actiecode: LOKAAL

Onderstaand een overzicht met titels waarop deze korting van toepassing is:

Dobble Classic
Jungle Speed
Exploding Kittens NL
Throw Throw Burrito NL
Love Letter NL
Ticket to Ride Europe – NL
Ticket to Ride Amsterdam
Pandemic Rapid Response NL
Dixit NL
7 Wonders V2 NL
Mysterium NL/FR
Mysterium Park NL/FR
Hint NL

Tabletop Kingdom blijft beschikbaar

Lieve klanten, vrienden en familie,

Ondanks dat de winkel fysiek dicht is blijft Tabletop Kingdom voor jullie beschikbaar ! Als je iets wilt bestellen, iets hebben of iets wilt weten kijk dan op onze webshop, website of bel of app ons op  06-  45329692. We zijn maandag t/m zaterdag telefonisch bereikbaar tussen 9:00 en 18:00 en we bezorgen naast de post ook op de fiets rechtstreeks in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Leidschendam, Rijswijk en Voorburg. Dus moest je nog kerstcadeaus kopen ? Of gewoon nog op zoek naar spullen voor jezelf ? OF mis je ons net zoals wij jullie missen? Kijk dan even via webshop, website of telefoon wat wij voor jullie kunnen doen!


Dear customers, friends and family,

Even though our shop is physically closed, Tabletop Kingdom will stay available to all of you! If you want to order something or want to know anything then just look on our web shop or give us a call or message via 06 – 45329692. We’re available Mondays through Saturdays from 9 am until 6 pm and next to postal deliveries we also will be delivering personally at you door in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Leidschendam, Rijswijk and Voorburg. So do you still need to buy Christmas presents? Looking for something for yourself perhaps? Or do you just miss us like we miss all of you? Then see what we can do for you via our web shop or website or give us a call!


Raffle Results and Birthday Party

Thanks everybody for joining our 7th birthday stream yesterday on youtube! We had a great time, we hope you all did as well! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again from the bottom of our hearts, wish you well this holiday season and hope to see you in our shop soon.

With further ado, here are the result of our birthday raffle!

Transformers + Sidewinder Deckbox goes to Blue 236

Frank’s Zoo + Houseflippers is for Blue 901

Okia belongs to White 198

Parijs + Pechvogel to White 119

Dragon Market + Uxmal to Green 331

Port Royal + Deckbox to Blue 831

Tabletop Kingdom Dice Tray to White 85

Eko to Green 934

Tabletop Kingdom Playmat to Green 330

Steamrollers + Point Salad to Blue 97

Ganges + Brainstorm to Pink 876

Houseflippers + Frank’s Zoo to Pink 378

Lama + Deckbox to White 191

Architecten + The Mind + Canal Kings to White 113

Pappy Winchester + Frank’s Zoo to Pink 889

Warhammer Start Collecting to White 67 and White 127 and Pink 895

Special Events (all inclusive 8 player board game, Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons evening) Pink 238 and Green 935

That’s it! Don’t forget our webshop is online :www.tabletopkingdomshop.nl

Salt Masking Tutorial

Mr. Taras made this Salt Masking Tutorial for us! Salt Masking is used on miniatures to create a somewhat realistic looking weathering effect: like the paint actually weathered off the object. In this tutorial, Taras will show us how to do this using a piece of Necromunda terrain, which is ideal for these kind of techniques. Quickly read on and maybe learn something for a future project!

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New Painting Challenge #5

We just finished with Fast and the next challenge is already up! We wanted to do something different and small; just to relax a little. You are all painting so fast :P.

This period we will have another 2 weeks. But it is an open Category: Diorama. This means you can paint an solo character with an awesome base, a board game figure, n piece of terrain, an objective, your vital assets pack from legion maybe even a cool base! You name it! Again you will be rewarded lottery tickets when you finish by the 17th of May 23:59:59. Please let us know what you are painting or building by sending us en PM or an email with your before pictures and send us an picture of your finished product in two weeks!

Somewhere this week there will be an update and and overview article about the whole painting challenge and explanation of the raffle and its prices! So keep an eye on this website!

We have some examples the crew will be painting, added below.

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Ikoria Release and Pre-Order/Release

Ikoria the new MtG set

Hey Guys,

Ikoria is Upon us. Ikoria is a new plane in the world of Magic the Gathering (MtG). In this article we will tell you about our offers and the timing of the release of the (paper) set of Ikoria. Some of you might have noticed but the world is a little different than we thought at the start of this year. We have to change our way of work and life. Unfortunately this means we can’t host one of the most populair (and one of my personal favorite) events. The Pre-release! But no worries we are working hard to give you the closest thing possible and bring it to your house!

So what is up with this set and how are we going to release it to you? The pre-release was planned for a couple of weeks ago but has been delayed by Wizards of the Coast. This has been done to give as much chance as possible for countries to host pre-releases. Unfortunately we wont make it in time to host them yet. The Release has been delayed to the 15th of May. The pre-release packs will also be sold on that date instead of an week early as with the normal situation. So all new product will be sold from May 15th.

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