The Vaults of Kamala – Age of Sigmar Campaign

In the realm of Metal, Chamon, the city of Kamala stands in a state of perpetual struggle. Once famed for its universities, schools of magic and cunning artificers unparalleled in their mechanical creations, roving bands of looters now fight for supremacy on its streets. The magical potency of the artefacts stored in the city’s great libraries and treasure houses is famed throughout the mortal realms, and many have come to seek their fortune or empower themselves with arcane knowledge.

Since the power of the Necroquake was unleashed by Nagash and secrets of the Stormvaults revealed, rumours of treasure vaults brimming with newly revealed riches have spread like wildfire along the trade routes. It is to reap this invaluable harvest that you have been charged, but time is of the essence as rival warlords intent on the same goal are descending on the city, and your masters will not tolerate failure.

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