The Vaults of Kamala – Age of Sigmar Campaign

In the realm of Metal, Chamon, the city of Kamala stands in a state of perpetual struggle. Once famed for its universities, schools of magic and cunning artificers unparalleled in their mechanical creations, roving bands of looters now fight for supremacy on its streets. The magical potency of the artefacts stored in the city’s great libraries and treasure houses is famed throughout the mortal realms, and many have come to seek their fortune or empower themselves with arcane knowledge.

Since the power of the Necroquake was unleashed by Nagash and secrets of the Stormvaults revealed, rumours of treasure vaults brimming with newly revealed riches have spread like wildfire along the trade routes. It is to reap this invaluable harvest that you have been charged, but time is of the essence as rival warlords intent on the same goal are descending on the city, and your masters will not tolerate failure.


The campaign consists of four rounds, each comprising two battles held over a three-week period. The two battles in each round must follow the same battle-plan as described below. Scores must be reported back to the What’s App group. The points value of the armies will increase each round, starting at 500 points and increasing by 500 points for each subsequent round. For the first round, armies must comprise at least one battle line unit and one leader. For subsequent rounds, armies must follow the Age of Sigmar Pitched Battle Chart as below.

Pitched Battle Chart
  Vanguard Battlehost
Points 1000-1999 2000 upwards
Leaders 1-4 1-6
Battleline 2+ 3+
Artillery 0-2 0-4
Behemoths 0-2 0-4
Other units Any number Any number
Allies No more than 200 points No more than 400 points

Models must be fully assembled and preferably painted to a battle-ready standard for each round.
After the four rounds of three weeks, the scores will be calculated and the winner declared.


The objective of the campaign is to win as many battles as possible out of the four stages, culminating in a battle for the treasures held in one of the city’s towers of learning.

Each win gives a general 2 points, a draw 1, a loss nil. The general with the most points at the end of the fourth round is declared the winner, and will receive a fabulous prize. (In the event of a tie, there will be a battle between those tied, re-fighting the last scenario of the campaign, which must be fought till there is one final victor)

There will also be a vote by all participants on the best painted army, after the final battle in the fourth round is complete.


  • Campaign winner – most battles won
  • Best Painted – vote by participants
  • Zero to Hero – most progress
  • Scrap Master – best conversion

Dates and Timing

Round Start Date End Date
One – The race for the walls Wednesday 2 October 22 October
Two – Hunting for clues Wednesday 23 October 12 November
Three – Cut them off! Wednesday 13 November 3 December
Four – Secure the treasure Wednesday 4 December 20 December
End of Campaign Special Surprise Mystery Event After Christmas

You can find all the rules for the battle rounds by downloading this PDF file right down here.

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